Given the knowledge that our company has of the economic reality and the job market at the National level, we try to give quick and personalized answers, both to the clients and to the workers.

 The Solution demonstrates that temporary work provides adequate responses to the needs of companies in a timely manner, allowing customers' staff to be completed, production and pace maintained, and quality service provided. This service covers Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Celebration of Contracts, Processing of Maturities and all the tasks inherent to the management of the contracts in force.

 From the beginning, the company seeks to find solutions for national and multinational companies, both in the private and public sectors, in a wide range of activities, such as: Administration, Civil Construction, Hospitality, Restoration, Metal-mechanics, among others.

 The vast experience gained in the European market, in the area of temporary work, together with a specialized team, makes A Solution the ideal partner to meet your requirements.

 The advantages it presents are:
- Reduction of Fixed Costs with Management, Recruitment and Selection;
-Decreation of Recruitment and Placement times for qualified professionals for the time required;
- Remuneration only of work performed;
- Optimization of the human resources of companies.